Grooming your Smooth Coat Curly

If you have been wondering how to get your smooth coat ready for presentation we will help you out.

First thing. The main is usually the most challenging thing on this type of horse. The main should be trimmed to a even length while being kept free of debris. Do not go crazy with this because you want your Curly to look as natural as possible. Also another item is to clip the insides of the ears, face, feltlocks and chin.

Now lets get to the specifics.

Make sure when trimming to follow the lines of the legs and to make the fetlock and below completely clear. When doing this you also want to make sure to clip the hoof line there is always a lot of hair there and you want the horse to look as clean as possible.

After being done with this you need to wash the horse. I always use maine tail, it works the best with my horses and makes there coat very shine but I alternate it between that and a purple shampoo like “bright white”. Reason being is that when using the purple shampoo it makes white coats bright but be careful. Do not use it twice in a row if you do the hair color will start to turn blue.

Another product I use for coats is proclaim anti-glossing polish. It is great for their main and it does not attract dirt and does not dry out the hair.

Now we get to the hoofs.I always use hoof-fat which is a green paste that make their hoofs shiny and prevents other hoof problems, but only do this when showing your horse on a solid hard surface as concrete or asphalt. If you use it and show your horse on something as barkdust or sand the “hoof-fat” is sticky and will grab all of the barkdust and sand.

BTW we just found out that we were having people going to yogawork to get clothes from the image below. We found out that it was going to

Yoga Pants and horse